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Pendant / 925 sterling silver & 3D printed steel
Size: 14 x 15 x 17 mm. Length: 70 cm
Made in the EU.

As our GOLDA ring, PERLA is a parametric design created by simulating water flowing into a sphere. Its intricate details create incredible reflections, giving the illusion of a small pearl covered in crystals. PERLA is taking an intangible moment and freezes it into a unique shape.

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15 x 16 x 17 mm


925 Sterling Silver, Polished Black Steel

Care Silver

All our jewellery is made from brass, bronze, or silver. As brass and bronze react naturally to your skin, they can leave a dark mark on your finger. This is a harmless reaction and you can easily wash it off. Over time, the material might develop a patina and lose its shine. To bring back the original colour, polish it with a jewellery polishing cloth with light pressure. The tarnishing can be slowed down by avoiding the contact of the piece with water, soap, or lotions.

Care Steel

3D printed steel is made from a variable range of 60% steel and 40% bronze. That's why the material color can range from a silver gray to reddish bronze – bringing a unique color to each piece we print. In order to prevent the bronze infiltration to tarnishing, we recommend to avoid the contact of the piece with water, soap, or lotions.