DORN 110g Vase



3D printed PLA / Made in Vienna / Glass inlay included / 11 x 14 cm

The DORN family designs combine a playful caterpillar shape with a harmless thorny surface. Match your two favourite colours and we will 3D-print the vase just for you!

✅ 3D-printed in Vienna
✅ 100% recyclable and eco-friendly materials
✅ Made just for you
✅ Shipped within 3 business days
✅ Free shipping & returns in the EU

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Additional information

Weight0.110 kg
Dimensions11 × 11 × 14 cm
Made in Vienna

3D printed in Vienna just for you: the vase is composed by matching two colours of your choice – giving you 81 different combinations! Create the one that fits perfectly in your space and we will 3D-print it for you.


Every item in the SHEYN HOME collection is made from PLA – which is an ecological compound based on corn. This makes all our products 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.


525 ml high quality Borosil glass included.

Care PLA

Clean the object with a wet cloth or under running water, not in the dishwasher. There might be tiny irregularities in the pattern, due to the nature of 3D-printing. The colour might fade over time if the object is kept exposed to direct sunlight. The object itself is not watertight – use the included glass container, if applicable.