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Ring / brass, bronze, and 925 sterling silver.
Made in the EU.

ALTELE in Yiddish means “the small old one”. ALTELE follows a traditional shape with a digital twist. The top flat part of the ring is twisted 30 degrees in order to create the illusion of a constant movement. This detail adds a sense of fluidity to the design, creating a minimalist but interesting object.

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925 Sterling Silver, Brass, Bronze


S (US 6 – 16,5 mm), M (US 7 – 17,3 mm), L (US 8 – 18,2 mm)


All our jewellery is made from brass, bronze, or silver. As brass and bronze react naturally to your skin, they can leave a dark mark on your finger. This is a harmless reaction and you can easily wash it off. Over time, the material might develop a patina and lose its shine. To bring back the original colour, polish it with a jewellery polishing cloth with light pressure. The tarnishing can be slowed down by avoiding the contact of the piece with water, soap, or lotions.