KESTL is the in-house designed, unique SHEYN podium that represents our brand in retail spaces. By using digital fabrication methods we created a display that isolates the pieces from their surrounding, allowing the viewer to be immersed in the different designs.


At SHEYN we always aspire to have one cohesive language for every single element that represents us. The design of this podium was born with the vision of creating a display element that can be seen as an art piece by itself.

This exhibition display is made from two main parts: a wood black box which holds a CNC milled surface on top. The surface itself was designed based on a 4 x 4 grid of circles with different heights, which are linked together into one shape. The result is a a continuous, amorphous and fluid surface which resembles frozen water movements.


The vertical differentiation of the circles brings the possibility to create some hierarchies between the pieces presented: newer pieces are located on higher pockets while classic designs are located on lower ones.

The display was designed with the idea of locating it in the center of a space, to allow the viewer to go around the podium and experience something different from every angle. The symmetrical grid brakes the X and Y directionality of the display, while the different heights of the surface add a sense of uniqueness to every side of the box.


SHEYN is sold in several retail locations in Vienna, Austria. There, the podium can be seen in its original size and also in variations. For more information about our current selling locations please visit our contact page.