ADRES is our shipping box – the first thing our online customers are going to see when they receive their order. Even before they open the box, they will already get a glimpse of our unique digital design process.


At SHEYN we always aspire to have one cohesive language for every single element that represents us.

We want to show the digital design process of our products, where each piece is portrayed as a set of three-dimensional edges. We turned these edges into a 2D pattern and used it for the design of the box. The pattern itself is zoomed in and folded, showing abstract lines . Only if you unfold the box, you can see that it actually shows our ELKIE pendant.

Basically, we took a three-dimensional object, transformed it into a two-dimensional drawing and projected it back onto a three-dimensional box – 3D to 2D to 3D.

Click on the link and find more about it at the PACKHELP inspiration blog.


Every online order arrives in our mailing box ADRES. Inside the box you will find some brand information, our unique aluminium case, jewellery care instructions and of course your 3D printed jewellery piece. Check our entire collection and order your favorite SHEYN piece!

Unboxing a typical SHEYN order

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A unique aluminium casing with every single piece

Custom laser-cut industrial grade foam in charcoal grey

Jewellery care information