• Find your SHEYN ring’s size

    While you can go and resize a ring at your local jeweller to adapt it specially for you, it is easier to just get the perfect ring size that fits you. To find your ring size you can either go to a local store and ask to measure your finger, or you can do it yourself at home. Check these 3 easy steps!

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  • Bei mir bist du SHEYN

    Have you ever wondered where our brand’s name, SHEYN, comes from? Of course we were inspired by the 1932 Yiddish song “Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn” by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda. The song’s title means “to me you’re beautiful” and was composed for the Yiddish language comedy musical, “I Would If I Could”.

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  • SHEYN – one of the best jewelry stories of 2017

    The i.materialise blog named SHEYN as one of the best 3D-printed sotries of 2017!

    “We couldn’t finish looking back at 2017 without a special mention of some of our favorite 3D-printed jewelry designer stories. There are so many 3D jewelry artists working with us, who continuously show how broad the possibilities of materials and styles are when working with 3D printing! This year we featured some of them on our blog.” – i.materialise blog
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  • The key to keeping your brass or bronze piece shiny

    The tarnishing of your brass and bronze jewellery might be accelerated by factors such as oil from the skin and oxygen in the air. Here are some tips on how you can take care of your pieces to keep them shiny as long as possible!
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  • Find out more about us and the origin of our designs

    The i.materialise 3D printing blog made a special interview with our Designer and Co-Founder  Nicolas Gold. We bring you here a small piece from this interesting article. Click on the link at the end of our post to read the entire interview.

    SHEYN, a jewelry company based in Vienna, creates outstanding wearable 3D-printed design pieces that highlight the beauty of unconventional geometries. Meet Nicolas Gold, the “wild” part of SHEYN, an architect with an incredible passion for jewelry design, and Markus Schaffer, the “down-to-earth” manager and CEO, who helped turn SHEYN into a 3D printing success story.
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    AA-COLLECTED  from Berlin arrived to Vienna during the Fashion Week for the first AA X WIEN Pop-Up Shop. They brought together a highly curated selection of independent Berlin & Vienna based designers. The event was hold at the local concept store “More Inside” and SHEYN was there!
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  • MY PRECIOUS PLASTICS – 3D-printed jewelry design competition

    Our Designer and Co-founder Nicolas Gold will be one of the judges for an international 3D-printed jewelry design competition. The challenge is hosted by a an innovative Viennese start-up called “mything”: an online design market, who links designers with regional-professional 3D printer’s providers. Take a look at the competition’s brief.
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  • ALTELE one of the “Top 10 most outstanding silver 3D Prints”

    Our ring ALTELE is featured as one of the “Top 10 Most Outstanding Silver 3D Prints”, check this blog and learn more about us!

    More and more jewelry designers are embracing the possibilities that come with 3D printing. One of their favorite ways to create 3D printed jewelry is with Sterling Silver. That’s why we put together a list of our 10 most outstanding 3D printed pieces of jewelry in this precious metal.
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