Find out more about us and the origin of our designs

The i.materialise 3D printing blog made a special interview with our Designer and Co-Founder  Nicolas Gold. We bring you here a small piece from this interesting article. Click on the link at the end of our post to read the entire interview.

SHEYN, a jewelry company based in Vienna, creates outstanding wearable 3D-printed design pieces that highlight the beauty of unconventional geometries. Meet Nicolas Gold, the “wild” part of SHEYN, an architect with an incredible passion for jewelry design, and Markus Schaffer, the “down-to-earth” manager and CEO, who helped turn SHEYN into a 3D printing success story.

Nicolas Gold, an Israeli designer and the co-founder of SHEYN, had already developed a strong passion for complex geometries and digital design during his architecture studies at the Tel Aviv University. Later, he deepened his knowledge in this area when he did his master’s degree at the studio of the internationally renowned architect Zaha Hadid in Vienna. He noticed quite early that he was the most passionate about geometrical representations of architecture and therefore he found himself applying all his well-established design techniques to a field where the aesthetics of the shape is its most important quality: jewelry design. And that is where it all started.

Read the entire article from the i.Materialize blog