MY PRECIOUS PLASTICS – 3D-printed jewelry design competition

Our Designer and Co-founder Nicolas Gold will be one of the judges for an international 3D-printed jewelry design competition. The challenge is hosted by a an innovative Viennese start-up called “mything”: an online design market, who links designers with regional-professional 3D printer’s providers. Take a look at the competition’s brief.


Redefining fine jewelry

If you ask someone to define “fine jewelry” you’ll usually hear something about gold, platinum, diamonds, and other traditionally “precious” materials. But go to any high-end jewelry trade show today, and you’ll find that the term “fine jewelry” rarely matches this limiting definition. As the price of gold has increased consistently over the past years, jewelry makers have had to rethink their product offerings. Designers and manufacturers no longer hesitate to mix nontraditional materials. The lines between “fine” jewelry and “fashion” jewelry are now blurred.

While the rise in precious metals prices has had a major impact on this blurring, other factors have come into play in this trend including an entirely new generation of buyers who don’t want to conform to traditional boundaries. For them, “precious” and “non-precious” don’t matter as much as one thing: MAKING A PERSONAL STATEMENT. The new generation is now more willing and eager to consider unconventional materials rather than precious ones. Many young consumers opt for non-standard jewelry materials for their pieces because they are cool. Their grandparents had gold bands, but they want to have something new and high-tech. Consumers are looking to express themselves individually, and this desire to set themselves apart and select something that speaks to them rather than conforming to the idea of traditional “fine jewelry” is leading them into a fashionable arena. Designers, in turn, need to respond by creating pieces that are unique and modern. Those responses can take many forms. The uniqueness comes from non-traditional, non-precious materials. It’s time to push people’s perceptions of what is precious.

The impact of 3D printing technologies

While the integration of 3D printing technologies into the world of jewelry design is becoming increasingly common, in most cases it is replacing traditional techniques only as a primary method of fabrication or a tool for prototyping. We want to take this idea one step further by taking a deeper look into the endless possibilities that this amazing technology offers to us. What will happen if we see it as a design tool rather than as a fabrication method? 3D printing technology widens the material library for jewelry designers more than ever, bringing the possibility of thinking with unconventional materials and treasuring the beauty of diversity in design. Welcome to the world of PRECIOUS PLASTICS!

Visit the website of the competition and check there all the details how to participate: