MY DESIGN ACCESSORIES – design competition

mything is hosting a 3D printed and laser-cut design objects competition: MY DESIGN ACCESSORIES. The aim of the competition is to show the potential of digital fabrication methods, to create unique design accessories. Submit your designs and win up to €750!


Bring your own design style!


Called by some observers as “an industrial revolution for the digital age”, rapid manufacturing has been changing the face of the production industry for some time now. Many believe that 3D-printing technology and laser-cutting techniques are democratizing design and manufacturing, making it more accessible and less dependent on economies of scale.

Home interior, office accessory and gadget designs were the first applications where digital fabrication was really used to manufacture products, rather than prototypes only. One of the most significant aspect of these techniques is the ability to manufacture complex geometries with little if no cost penalty. In fact, they are often used to make products that are impossible to produce using traditional processes such as plastic injection molding.

mything asks designers to explore the geometric flexibility: no digital fabrication product ever needs to be the same. Take part, submit your designs and win up to €750!


Want to participate?