SHEYN at Jewish Museum Vienna

We are happy to announce our newest retail location in Vienna: the museum shop of the Jewish Museum Vienna.


Bringing Israeli Design to Vienna


Picture by Ouriel Morgensztern


The shop was reopened with a new concept under the name Gottfried & Söhne in January. Gottfried & Söhne aims to bring today’s Israel in the form of contemporary design to Vienna, something there has been a lack of in Austria. Therefore, it sees itself as an extension to the museum’s collection and exhibitions that focus on Jewish history and tradition.

For SHEYN’s co-founder and designer, Nicolas Gold, an Israeli citizen having spent twelve years of his life in Tel Aviv, offering SHEYN jewellery at Gottfried & Söhne holds a special value: It symbolizes the connection between his old home country and his new  home – Vienna. This is also reflected in the name of SHEYN: the Yiddish word for beautiful, in a language that his a blend between Hebrew and German – emphasizing the connection between Israel and Austria.

Next time you are in Vienna, make sure to visit the Jewish Museum and learn about the Jewish life and history in Austria, as well as to stop by in the museum shop Gottfried & Söhne to see contemporary Israeli design.



Jewish Museum Vienna
Dorotheergasse 11
1010 Vienna