Gelee Royale – Vienna Design Week Event

SHEYN took part in the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK last October, where we presented a selection of our work at the design store of the Jewish Museum Vienna – Gottfried & Söhne.



Picture by Fischka Maren – Vienna Design Week


The new museum shop at the Jewish Museum Vienna sees itself as a venue where encounters of many different kinds take place – just like the centuries-old idea of the salon. With a selected line of products, which includes literature, music, and design, Gottfried & Söhne is the first store in Europe to provide a special place for contemporary design from Israel.

Together with the museum’s current exhibition on salons, a selection of Jewish and Israeli jewellery was on display for the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. Alsongside SHEYN, also the works of Viennese designer Miriam Orth-Blau (Meshugge), and the Israeli the labels Braillo – unisex jewelry with Braille, Ruby Star, and the designer Avigail Talmor (For Those Who Pray) were featured.

Our co-founder and head of design Nicolas Gold held a presentation on the innovative design and production process of SHEYN: “We focus on digitally designed objects. Every design is exported and send virtually to production. The object is first printed in wax, and subsequently cast in metals. This accurate and innovative process gives us the possibility to create small series of production and to keep the freedom of changing and adapting our models from time to time. It is a constant search for the most precise and beautiful shapes, which is exactly what SHEYN is about.”


Picture by Fischka Maren – Vienna Design Week



Gottfried & Söhne in the Jewish Museum Vienna, as a combination department store and salon, makes available to the public contemporary Jewish culture in symbiosis with Jewish tradition from the museum’s alternating exhibits, doing this through a rich variety of encounters. In addition to the curated book assortment and an exquisite selection of international Jewish music, Gottfried & Söhne stocks a line of high-quality and social design from Israel. Anchored in the Austrian Jewish history of a traditional department store that provides a look at Israel’s vibrant design scene and a location to experience high-quality products of Jewish designers who are active around the world, the shop invites the museum’s international visitors and Viennese locals to indulge in a taste.

Gottfried & Söhne
Dorotheergasse 11
1010 Wien