Find your SHEYN ring’s size

While you can go and resize a ring at your local jeweller to adapt it specially for you, it is easier to just get the perfect ring size that fits you. To find your ring size you can either go to a local store and ask to measure your finger, or you can do it yourself at home. Check these 3 easy steps!

Ring size measurement guide:


When finding out your ring size, remember that each finger has a different size, so you need to measure the finger that you want to wear the ring on. Your fingers also tend to swell when they are warm and shrink when they are cool, so check your size while in a comfortably warm environment.


Step 1: Cut a thin strip of paper that is long enough to fit around your finger. Wrap it around your finger: it should be tight enough to not fall off, but it still needs to be loose enough to fit over your knuckle and slide down to the base of your finger.

Step 2: Hold the strip around your finger and draw a line where it completes the circle.

Step 3: Use a ruler to measure the length of your paper as accurately as possible, and compare it to the chart below to find your ring size:

S – US 6 – 16,5 mm
M – US 7 – 17,3 mm
L – US 8 – 18,2 mm

Now that you know your ring size, you can confidently get the SHEYN ring you always wanted.