Bei mir bist du SHEYN

Have you ever wondered where our brand’s name, SHEYN, comes from? Of course we were inspired by the 1932 Yiddish song “Bei Mir Bistu Sheyn” by Jacob Jacobs and Sholom Secunda. The song’s title means “to me you’re beautiful” and was composed for the Yiddish language comedy musical, “I Would If I Could”.

When “I Would If I Could” closed after only one season, Sholom Secunda sold the rights to the song for mere thirty dollars. In 1937, the rights to the song were acquired by the lyricist and songwriter Sammy Cahn. Together with composer and musical director Saul Chaplin, Cahn wrote English language lyrics to the song, although the title remained in Yiddish, and adjusted the rhythm to make it more typical of 1930s swing music. Cahn then persuaded the still unknown Andrews Sisters to perform the song. It became their first major hit, gaining world-wide popularity, earning them a gold record, the first ever to a female vocal group.

The Yiddish word sheyn, meaning “beautiful”, came naturally to us, as we were looking for a name that shows the connection between the two founders Nicolas and Markus. As Yiddish acts as a blend between Hebrew and German, it perfectly emphasises the fact that Nicolas used to live in Israel for more than twelve years and Markus has a German-speaking background.