Designer & Founder Nicolas Gold
CEO & Founder Markus Schaffer

SHEYN is a Vienna-based design studio. SHEYN is the Yiddish word for “schön”, which means “beautiful” in German. The word SHEYN reflects our philosophy and values: we focus on the purely visual aspects and aesthetic qualities of each design, searching for the most beautiful shapes.

Every single piece we design receives a different Yiddish name, bringing it a sense of uniquenes and personality. Yiddish is a language that blends together Hebrew and German. We use it to emphasise the connection between SHEYN’s founders, coming from Israel and Austria.

We use digital design tools in order to understand the geometrical development of the shape. We reflect our results on wearable design pieces that highlight the beauty of the process. The production process combines 3D printing technologies and advanced digital fabrication methods together with the traditional manufacturing techniques molding, casting and polishing.