Designer & Founder Nicolas Gold
CEO & Founder Markus Schaffer

SHEYN is a Vienna-based design studio following a formalistic artistic approach. SHEYN’s philosophy focuses on the analysis of the form, the process of creation, its purely visual aspects and its aesthetic qualities. We are in a constant research of forms that evokes an emotional reaction in the viewer and emphasise intrinsic qualities.

Our techniques combine generative design tools and form finding researches in order to investigate and understand the geometrical development of the shape. We reflect our research results on wearable design pieces that highlight the beauty of the morphological study. As this methodology can be considered endless, these pieces reflect a small number of snapshots in this process.

SHEYN is the Yiddish word for “schön”, which means “beautiful” in German. Every single piece we design receives a unique Yiddish name. Yiddish is a language that blends together Hebrew and German and we use it to emphasise the connection between an Israeli designer and an Austrian IT developer. This blending represents all what SHEYN is about: a small but dedicated design studio that merges different worlds.

The production process combines 3D printing technologies and advanced fabrication methods together with traditional handmade manufacturing techniques like molding, casting and metal-plating.